Friday, 9 March 2012

Sleep walking consumers

I am distracted living in the concrete jungle.  Any green areas are in a bad state. The majority of "parents" dragging, no  I shouldn't say that, bringing their children up don't seem to care.
Respect for our beautiful nature is thrown to the gutter.
Consumerism has consumed the poorest areas, the poorest people eating into media driven idealism; the idea that having all these material things will make their lives happier, fuller and more meaningful.
We are a spoon-fed nation, with a majority of sleepwalkers; the people with the grossest amounts of money like it that way.  We, the masses keep them rich.

Wake up.
Stop, feel some stillness.
Think for yourself.
The truth may not always feel comfortable.
The truth can be heavy to hold.
So grab it,
Hold it,
Feel it,
Know it,
Set it down then choose your path.
Be awake.