Thursday, 3 October 2013

Uh! Yes I'll do it tomorrow!


I know there are things to be done, yet I will consciously put them off!

Now, what is my theory behind this?
Why do I chose to do this?

There is a reason, which some would say  is more than likely unimportant and not a factor in my changing this habit...but, I think is is quite important to understand or to have knowledge about the why, in order to change the habit.

I know I am very capable of doing what I should do or need to do.

Yet I put it off!


Better things to do?

More important things to do?

Not really!

Do we who indulge in procrastination like to suffer and punish ourselves?
It is nothing other than punishment of the self when you have the thought scrapping at the back of you mind of what needs doing, yet you chose to put it off.......