Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Stubbing it out

Well, after thinking about it and wanting to for some time now I am choosing to give up smoking.

I will miss it........Once the kids were in bed I enjoyed sitting of an evening, hand-rolling a cigarette.
I will not however miss the smell it would leave lingering nor the paranoia of me smelling like a big stinky cigarette butt.  

A secret smoker, only a few knew that I indulged in the dirty habit.  That's what it is... a smelly, dirty, life degenerating habit.  Yet I still smoked.

Well, the choice is in my hands.
I chose to smoke or not smoke.
None of this "I can't" crap.  If you want to do it you'll choose to do it!!
For me, my kids (who don't know I smoked) and a long and happy time to grow old with my family.

I can.