Wednesday, 9 April 2014


That’s it!!   I've had it completely. Lessons learned, I fell into the Hire Purchase trap during some (yes more than one) moment of madness.

What was I thinking??

I wasn't thinking!!

I was desperate an wanting things, the “now not later” attitude.  Wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't of been shocked with an unexpected hike in the payments.

Plodding along nicely £45 payments then “BOOM”……£75!!! WHAT!!
Well that totally threw me off.

Me being me a serial procrastinator didn't phone to ask.....but I was going to.

I would really like a job so, so much.  One which fits in with my children's schooling as I have no child care and neither can I afford it.  Even if i were working the cost of child care would be the price of you wage... so basically I would be working in order to pay people to look after my children.  So many people do this it is scary. The more I speak to people about child care the more I realise this being a reality.