Friday, 2 March 2012


Ah! I walk through the streets where I am living and have to switch off to a degree, if I were not to do this I would become very sickened by  the state of the place and by a good few of the people.
It is a very run down area of Belfast, Northern Ireland.  A despondent community, full of people who want everything, yet are not at all very willing to do anything to help towards making a change for the better.  Which begs then the question do they really want change?  Do they want to move forward to something new, something fresh for the future generations?
Oh! I wonder at this and think not.  A shift in the way the community lies would mean a shift in the way they behaved and thought!!!!
Change is uncomfortable, it means looking at how things are now and why; which means looking at yourself (not always a comfortable thing to do).

Communities like the one I live in are all too common.  A sense of pride that once was (many moons ago) is now a hope for the future. Though my soul feels it will never be reality once more.

Sick of broken glass and general disrespect and consideration for..........well anything apart from what lies past the threshold of there own home.