Saturday, 3 March 2012

Dog owners

Pretending your dog isn't doing a poo right next to you?  Yeah you!  Looking anywhere but the direction of your squatting pooch!!
I am a dog owner, 99% of the time I pick up his poop.  I have forgotten poop bags on a few occasions, but I improvise. An empty crisp packet I found in my coat pocket, a plastic bag stuck in a hedge, I have even sent my other half running back to the car/house to get a bag.
Hands up, I'll shoot myself! Yes I have left poop where it landed and I have felt ashamed, guilty and a bit of a tramp for it.

Don't get a bloody dog if your not prepared to stoop down to pick up the "parcel".  Hey you don't even have to stoop down any more you can buy long handled poop scoopers now.
Run out of poop bags?  Guess what........... a bog standard plastic bag also works for the job at hand!  There are no end of them flying about the world!
No excuses you poo dodgers!!

Oh I cannot forget those fellow dog owners who do pick up their dog's poo and leave it nicely bagged up.......hanging on a fence, branch etc. or thrown to the edge of the path.  Are you too embarrassed to carry the poop in the bag until you find a bin?
Cavehill Country Park (High Town Road entrance) could do with some more bins for poop depositing.

Why do some dog owners think its okay to walk their dogs in children's play parks?  Tramps!!  Dog poo and children are not a good combo!