Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Porn.......whats the craic?

Well it would seem as small and shapeless as possible.

Men love to believe that all the women in porn are "gagging" for it, horned up vixens who all "Ooooh!", "Ahhhh!" and "Oh yeah baby just like that"!

Now its all well and good as long as it is kept in perspective.  Props are used to make the girls / women look wet or to make it look like they are squirting like some sort of water fountain.  The scary thing is a lot of young people who are watching this believe it, take it as being reality.  Now this brings about an idea in females that they need to perform like the porn ACTRESSES do.  Cue the distorted body images my tits aren't facing out or up the right way, I've got cellulite, I'm not wet enough, the list could continue.  I was surprised and shocked though the other week at what was being classified as a fat or chubby girl on a porn site.  The girls / women being categorize as fat or chubby were of normal averaged size.  What is this saying to our young men and women?

These girls / women are being paid to do this.  Do they have much self-worth or respect for themselves?  Personally the jury is out on that one for me.  They can claim to be as confident and happy with themselves as they like, no one will really know the truth, maybe not even the women themselves.  It's kind of like the overweight person who declares they are very happy with the way they are and love themselves.  This maybe true, then again it may not.  Some people are very good at lying to themselves.

Slight Topic Divert - Air-Brushing
I remember going out with a guy, this one time he was intensively looking at a sloggy underwear advert on the back of a magazine; a row of women's bums in the sloggy knicker's, photo-shopped to the hilt.  He went on to disbelieve me when I told him that adverts such as that one (and all other's) are photo-shopped and air-brushed.  He thought it was all real and natural, the same guy also said to me one time "Why don't you wear a lot of make up? You should try it, it looks nice"  There will always be shallow people.

 Pornographic images have become quite the norm nowadays it would seem.  Most of our female Pop stars such as @Rihanna (to mention only one) and A ( B / C / D) List celebrities look like they are ready for a soft porn shoot.  Which I do find disturbing as our young children are idolizing these people.  Girls (increasingly younger) want to be and look like them and boys are coming to the belief that this is how girls and women should look and behave.
I have two young daughters and I don't expose them in our home to Pop videos or the mind numbing popular soaps.  Don't get me wrong I don't go about covering their eyes when we are out and about but  a hell of a lot of Pop videos are soft porn.  It's selling sex to children from, well birth if they are brought up viewing such things.

As individuals we need to assess what we allow to pass as the norm, we can't just put everything down to "Times are changing".