Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Let it flow

A man I met once through a friend said to write 3 pages every morning.
"It clears the mind and leaves you feeling refreshed".

I haven't written in some time......
"Even if you have nothing to write, write about not knowing what to write about".

I loved writing, it was an outlet.  A very important one at that.
Things flow, things are released.

I hate scrimping and the subconscious though of..."is there enough in the bank?"

Where does money go?

Food really is not cheap.  No wonder so many families are living in poverty.

Eat fruit and vegetables they say.
The pre-packaged stuff which costs £1 generally tastes like crap.  Watery force grown muck.
Then lets face it the £1 items are not aimed at the affluent class, are they!

Poor people = poor quality food = keep them malnourished and dumb.
So it is.....the organised and planned social structure.

Keep the gap between the classes.  Indeed that seems to be what is happening, or should I say what is continuing to happen since the dawn of "civilized" culture!!