Tuesday, 20 March 2012

"Mid-life" Crisis??

Okay so mid-life is probably not correct and crisis, well no I don't think so either but there is a lot of realisation and acceptance I'm needing to do right now.
I am in my 31st year of life.
It seems as though I blinked at the age of 16 then all of a sudden here I am!  Grown up, a mother and a wife!  Realising that I really did take my young, single days for granted.  I took them too seriously, cared too much about what others thought and my body image was stinking (still struggle with that one).

Although I would never want to give up what I have in life now; I do wish that when I was younger I had made some different choices.
Never having lived on my own minus a boyfriend I often linger over how nice the idea is, of having your own space to do with as you please.  No doubt back in the day I would of had many pink fluffy things about, lots of pictures of fairies and a mix-match of charity shop furniture.

All I can say is I will be fully supporting and encouraging my children when they are older to branch out, fly the nest and experience the world of independence with the supportive and listening shoulder of a mother to lean on when needed.