Monday, 14 January 2013

East Belfast Riots

It would seem that in true media form that the Protestant community are getting bad press concerning the riots in East Belfast.
Over the past years since the "Peace Process" has been in swing any trouble taking place has been widely publicized as the Protestants doing.

This must be questioned.  As the Republican / Nationalist movement has been very well equipped with the ability to cry the innocent down trodden victim.

It would be naive to blame one side of the community more than the other but the media have become quite fond of blaming the Protestant communities; this is more than likely due to the lack of well spoken public speakers within Protestant communities.  The Nationalist /Republican communities are very well versed and primed as to what to say when it comes to any sort of incident.

What do people want to see in this country of Northern Ireland?  What do they want Northern Ireland to be?

Community.  We are all human-beings.  A world wide Community of human-beings.  A world wide Community of human-beings trying to Oppress, Beat and Murder the difference out of each-other.