Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Government its Bad Times - Heat, Light or Food.

People Love a Drama.

It is all good for those who can say "Oh dear that is awful" then quickly immerse themselves away in their own version of reality and quickly forget what is going on all around them.

From the very ridiculous drama on Eastenders or Coronation Street to the drama of the recent snow fall, which in reality wasn't that bad, there has been worse.

Most people just love to get the feathers in a flap over something.

Real-life drama accompanies the drop in temperatures which come with the the recent snow fall something that people should be concerned about.

On Friday 18th January 2013 The Daily Express ran a front page article titled "SNOW CHAOS TO LAST THREE DAYS" in which Met Office forecaster Robin Thwaytes said that David Cameron had been warned of the severity of the threat.   In the same article continued on page 5 Age UK stated that; there are an extra 8,000 deaths for every degree drop in temperature, even during mild winters.

What exactly was David Cameron being warned going to do for the people who cannot afford to buy heat for their homes??

Did David Cameron and his colleges go set up or see that emergency heat was given to these people in need?
Did they see to it that there was warm shelter for them to take if they could not afford or were not able to heat their homes??

No I doubt this very much.
The UK government seem to care very little for these people.
I am not just talking unemployed people here.
I'm talking working people / families who are just able to get by, with a choice of, food, electric or heat.  It can only be one or two of these three essentials not all!!  And in cold weather like there has been these are not the kind of choices you take lightly.
It was only a few years ago my husband and I were in that situation.  My husband working, two young daughters and the fact that we could not buy food (just enough to do), electric and gas together.  We had to make a choice.  Therefore we saw ourselves go for stretches of two weeks on several occasions during the winter of 2010 with out heat in our home.  Bad times.

So are we going to have to keep on contending with rising gas / oil prices so more people can die or become seriously ill due to cold in their own homes or will the "powers that be" in government cap prices?
No don't be silly there is too much money to be made.

One branch of my family are quite "well off", when I visit them their heating is on full blast and if it gets a little warm they open a window..........with the heating still on!

I am thankful for my husbands wage and our overdraft, which we live in more often than not.