Monday, 10 December 2012

Planned Violence

Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness, says recent violence over the flying of the union flag at Belfast City Hall was orchestrated.

Well yes Martin.........I would say it more than likely was.  

Martin McGuinness is a man who should know planned violence when he sees it; since he's had quite a bit to do with planned violence / riots etc. himself over the years.

How many police officers have been injured during republican / nationalist violence???? Mmmmm!!! 

We could all bitch, nit pick point the finger and shake our heads and drag things up as much as we like but is isn't going to solve the problem here in this country.

The individuals in power in this country are not rational adults, they are;

  1. big children
  2. huffs
  3. blackmailers
  4. taking "back-handers"
  5. have a major dose of "selective memory" syndrome thrown into the mix.

Not to mention that quite a few of them are ex-criminals / terrorists.  Now lets think on that one for a moment........?

Yes, third world country's have murderers, criminals and terrorists in power.  Not the western world................. Oh but Northern Ireland is the acception.  Main Land Britain don't really want us, I think they see us as a dirty little scab they would like not to be there.  Ireland don't really want us as they really can not afford us.  Plus where would all the unemployed get their unemployment benefit from??  Would they still want Britain to subsidize them with the Great British Pound???

Northern Ireland needs a political clear out!!