Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Flying The Flag


Just throwing out some ideas and thoughts here.

A Flag; coloured cloth sewn together and embellished with designs and or symbols, so we as individuals can feel a sense of belonging and have an identity.

They have their place.

They serve a role.

They are used during war.  Nations / individuals have killed over the name of a flag and the country it belongs to.

People take pride in their flag.

Flag's in Northern Ireland are very political, a hot topic.

Northern Ireland is a part of the British Empire. So shouldn't the Union Flag fly on top of the Belfast City Hall?
Yes.  As Belfast is Officially a British City.  That is the fact of the matter.
I am British, my passport and where I was born say so.  The Union Flag is my counrty's flag.

I do not however think that killing and or dying for the sake of a flag is necessary.

There are many Country's in the world which have high populations of individuals from other Country's living in them, do they feel the urge or need to debate the fact that the flag of the Country in which they are living to not be flown on the top of City Halls or state buildings?

With flags come different beliefs and cultural differences.  But look at the many different beliefs and differences which gather under the name of one flag.

Can we not as a world accept the differences?  Murders have been and are being wrongly committed over flags and the beliefs surrounding them.

Like big children in the playground with deadly weapons we seem to continue.