Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Parents are God?

If you have grown up in a somewhat manic house of issues and  no firm boundaries does it make it harder for you as an adult?
As an only child growing up with parents who have issues which have not been addressed, "dealt with" or resolved.  Is it more likely that the issues and baggage being carried by the parents will be passed on to the only child and make their transition into adulthood a more difficult one?
Mother is "God" in the eyes of a child.  Is this mother "God" one of unconditional love,care and compassion or a "God" to be feared and provoke anxiety?
This is the choice of the individual mother.

No one of us is with out issues or baggage of some sort but as we enter parenthood/motherhood we must make concious decisions and remember the young lives we are impacting on and helping to form.