Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Rant about keeping house!

Hands up if you ever feel at a loss for what to do?

My hand is reaching high up to the sky!

Sometimes it is difficult to keep a positive and motivated disposition regarding "keeping house"!
Lost in a mound of laundry, dishes, toys, everyday clutter and mail needing sorted.
The working day begins when my children wake, it ends usually about..........  well when I got to bed!  I am not very organized and neither do I have a strict daily routine (well this is how it feels to me).
I find myself very often lost in the daily cycle of "house keeping", this is my full-time job.  I don't have regular "me time" for relaxation or self pampering (I have only just begun to on a semi-regular basis to apply tan which makes me feel good about my body and it's naked appearance).

Do a lot of  "house keepers" feel this way?
I'm sure they do, yet it is so easy to allow yourself to imagine you are alone in feeling this way.